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I discovered the Palm in 1997 and decided to buy one during a trip to California. It was a PalmPilot Professional. Well this little device hasnt left my sight since then!

I decided to start programming for the Palm in early 1998 and the first program to come out was WCup98. Not a very well refined program but the response was very good and this was good encouragement to continue. I've always believed that the best motivation to write a program is to write something that you need in the first place. And so, since I couldnt find any program that would allow me to keep track of my motorcycle's gas mileage I set out to write the "best" gas mileage and Highway Manager was born. (Yes there were other gas mileage programs out there but they were even simpler than WCup98 :-) ).

Highway Manager has been a great program for learning how to do professional Palm development and so when in 1999 I was looking for a stock portfolio program and couldnt find one that did everything I wanted, I set out to write Stock Manager. One cool thing about Stock Manager is the solid network layer to download stock quotes wirelessly with a GSM phone, Palm VII or an OmniSky wireless modem. With the wireless revolution upon us, expect to see a many more Net enabled programs from Zorglub Soft!

So, check out my programs, some are freeware, some shareware. In time, there will be a lot more stuff on this page.

Zorg Links

Stock Manager: Is a powerful stock portfolio manager for the Palm. It comes with a conduit that automatically keeps your portfolio up to date everytime you perform a HotSync. Or you can also get up-to-date worldwide stock information by connecting your Palm to a (wireless) modem or mobile phone. Shareware.
Highway Manager: A complete gas mileage program for the Palm.
  • Metric and imperial measurements.
  • Multiple statistics are calculated on either a single entry or a date range for an entire category and/or a vehicle. Date range statistics allow you to find out how much you spent in a given date range.
  • Distance can be entered as absolute or relative mileage.
  • Can track up to 10 vehicles.
  • Support for multiple currencies ensures that you always know how much you are spending when you take your vehicle across the border.
  • Support for "trips" enables you to see how much you spent on that weekend trip or on those summer holidays.
  • Keep track of car maintenance and insurance payments and discover the real cost of ownership of your car.
  • You can attach a note to any entry which functions as both a trip log and to keep track of business mileage to use for tax purposes. Create your own note template to facilitate data entry.
  • All data can be exported to your desktop computer with the provided Mac and Windows conduit.
  • 21 pages of documentation full of examples on how to make the best use of the program.


Highway Manager Weather: a module for Highway Manager that can download the latest weather information and 5 day weather forecast for cities around the world. Weather information is updated by connecting your Palm to a (wireless) modem or mobile phone so that you can check the weather where ever you are going! Shareware.
PDF2Doc: An Adobe Acrobat plugin which allows to extract text from a page or from several pages and to convert it to the PalmPilot Doc format.
Euro 2K: The best program to keep track of the Euro 2000 football competition! Freeware.
MacFork: For developers only. MacFork is a small utility program to help developers do cross-platform (Windows/Mac) resource editing with the CodeWarrior Constructor. Freeware.
WorldCup 98: An application that will allow you to keep the score of games during the WorldCup 98. It will also show you which teams are making it to the next stage according to current team points. Freeware.

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